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A lot of men experience a lackluster intimate life and low libido, which have nothing to do with aging.  Various underlying health issues, involving urinary problems, low blood flow in the penis, stress, etc., can lead to a troubled sexual life in men of all ages. At kings Clinic, we provide a variety of male intimacy wellness treatments, treating issues like erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, low testosterone, etc., allowing you to have satisfactory sexual performance.      


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We understand your concern regarding your intimate well-being, and that is why one of our professionals is always available to talk to you throughout your treatment procedure. Different men respond to intimacy treatment and drugs differently, and they always come up with queries over the phone. So, we always keep ourselves prepared to resolve all of them, making their journey reliable and comfortable.  

Best Care for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction is when men cannot get or hold an erection good enough for intercourse. This happens due to a variety of reasons that such as existing medical illness (diabetes, hypertension), cancer treatment in the pelvic area, side effects of drugs, etc. In some scenarios, being emotionally unfit because of stress, depression, anxiety, and conflict with the partner can give rise to these difficulties.  But you can rest all your worries as our experts can help boost your sexual life with effective and personalized treatment.

At first, our experts conduct several tests in order to diagnose the root cause of your ED. The tests are respectively: a general physical examination, blood & urine test, and advanced ED tests, including pelvic x-rays, MRI or CT scan, NPT, penile Doppler, etc.  After diagnosing the reason, we start our treatment procedure. Relying on your condition, our specialists may recommend PDE5 inhibitors, Testosterone Therapy, Intracavernosal (ICI) & Urethral (IU) Therapies, Surgical treatments, etc.

Safe & Reliable treatment option for Premature Ejaculation

Ejaculation means the expulsion of semen from the male body, and when it happens too fast is known as PE or premature ejaculation. Physical conditions like irregular neurotransmitter levels, imbalanced hormone levels, and infection in the urethra or prostate can be responsible for PE. Also, sometimes, mental illness can have a big impact on men’s intimacy, leading to Premature or rapid ejaculation.

No matter what the reason is, King’s Clinic is here to provide long-term solutions for PE. Detecting the roots of your issues, we devise customized treatment procedures that involve oral medication, behavioral therapies, gel ointments, and others.

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Penis Lengthening or Thickening Treatment & Solutions

Micropenis is a medical term used to describe a small, meager, but properly structured penis. The main culprits behind this problem are genetic factors or hormonal disorders. Men with micropenis can easily urinate and have an erection, however, all of them get complaints from their partners, regarding unsatisfying intercourse.

 Due to advancement in men’s intimacy treatments, chances of successful penis lengthening or thickening has been drastically increased. We primarily suggest topical ointments after conducting a diagnosis of your condition. In case, it does not show any effective outcome, we opt for advanced penis lengthening and thickening treatments, involving hormone therapies and surgeries.

Patients Feedback

I was hesitant and embarrassed to address my intimacy issues, but Kings Clinic provided a safe and understanding environment. Their intimacy treatments were exactly what I needed. The medical professionals were compassionate and knowledgeable, guiding me through the process. Thanks to Kings Clinic, my confidence has been restored, and my relationship has never been better. I am truly grateful for their expertise and care.

John D


After struggling with intimacy issues for years, I finally decided to seek help at Kings Clinic. Their intimacy treatments exceeded my expectations. The personalized approach and effective therapies they provided completely transformed my intimate life. The team at Kings Clinic truly understands the emotional aspect of these issues, and they made me feel comfortable and supported throughout the journey. I highly recommend their services to anyone facing similar challenges

Michael P.

Some Frequently Asked Questions For Intimacy Problems.

It’s your brain that controls your overall body. And yes worrying much about your erection can create several hardships before you get an erection. In medical terms, it’s called performance anxiety.

Since both physical and mental factors are equally responsible for a PE, it is really hard to tell which factor is actually liable for a specific case.  For that, you would require a complete medical diagnosis.

Different individual has different response time when it comes to ED treatment. If the treatment responds well in someone’s body, it could take around a whole year for a complete cure.

Certainly, and in some cases, we may recommend a combination of treatments to help treat intimacy issues in men for safer and better results.